Rates & Pricing

Competitive Pricing for Washington County Maryland


Competitive pricing for washington county since 1946...

Hardell has been the trusted name in Washington County Maryland for fuel oil and HVAC service for over 70 years. We offer competitive pricing, the industries most qualified and reliable technicians and spectacular incentives for new and existing customers. 

  • Labor Rate                     - $90 per man-hour*
  • After Hours/Overtime   - $125 per man-hour*

Customer Labor Rates

  • Labor Rate                     - $125 per man-hour*
  • After Hours/Overtime   - $188 per man-hour*


  • Oil Furnace/Boiler Agreement  
  • Gas Furnace/Boiler Agreement       
  • A/C, Heat Pump or Mini-Split Agreement
  • Oil Tank Agreement
  • Water Heater Agreement  
  • Heating System Tune-up Only (Gas or Oi Heating System)                
  • A/C & Heat Pump Tune-up Only
Contact office for pricing & details. Purchase multiple plans and get up to 25% off each additional agreement.                      

Service Agreements & Tune-Ups

  • 410a Charge
  • R-22 Charge
  • MO99 R-438a
Price fluctuates call office for up to date pricing


  • Price Per Gallon     - Call office for Specific Pricing
  • Minimum delivery   - 125 gallons

Fuel Oil Pricing


*One hour minimum charge for all services calls